Do I need ski pass ?

         Except in special cases, ski pass is not included in the course rates. Therefore, they must be provided for your lesson. For more informations and prices please clic on this link https://en.chamrousse.com/alpine-ski-pass-prices.html.

Do I need Insurance?

Do you need to wear protection during Snowboard lessons?

    • Esf Instructors recommend the use of helmets, wrist guards and backs to keep students safe.

Is the material included in the price?

    • The material is not included in the price of our courses. We invite you to get closer to the rental shops on Chamrousse.

Do I need a ski pass for kindergarten?

    • If your child is staying in the garden, he does not need a ski pass. CAUTION: For "ourson" level, the instructor may feel they have the level to go on the slopes before the end of the week. Take a ski pass, free for children under 5 years (born in 2017 and after)(excluding support cost: €3).

Is there a snack provided ?

    • A snack is provided during the break. Please provide one if your child has food allergies (and notify instructors if applicable).

Rather private lessons or group lessons for my child?

    • For a fearful and reticent child, private lessons are highly recommended. These will help to build confidence.

Which meeting point is best for me?

    • When booking online a tool integrated into our website will give you the distance between your accommodation and each meeting place. You can choose the nearest one.

Should I rent sticks for my child?

    • The sticks are needed from the first star preparation.

Are the ski lift packages included in the price of the courses?

    • Ski Passes are not included in the price of the courses. We invite you to get closer to the ski lift boards present on different poles of the station.

Is the medal included in the course ?

    • The medal is included in group classes of 5 days or more only for children aged 3 to 12. The instructor will then give the notebook and the medal to your child.

How do I know my level or that of my child?

    • A tool to determine your level is available on the right of each page of our site or via the home page. It is present in the form of a “determine my level” button.

How many children are there per group?

    • Group lessons start from 4 children and can go up to 12 maximum for an instructor.

At what age do you offer courses?

    • We accept children from 3 years old. We estimate that from that age on they are clean and large enough to take a course