Freestyle Ski

Children aged 8 to 12

Your child can experience the thrills of Freestyle safely!
Your child will learn (to perfect) freestyle, freeride, boardercross and much more with our specialised instructors in these disciplines!
Programme: discovery of various modules and introduction to the snowpark jumps.
Required level : Etoile d’or (Gold Star)

Number of participants : 4 MINIMUM *
*ESF reserve the right to cancel lessons if the number of participants is insufficient.

 A group course for the adventurous !


Christmas Holidays and February Holidays

Christmas Holidays

20/12/20 to 01/01/21
Afternoon2.30 to 5 pm

February Holidays

07/02/21 to 05/03/21
Afternoon2.45 to 5 pm

PriceS - freestyle
From Sunday to Friday

6 x Lessons180 €
POUR LES 8 - 10 ANS : Par sécurité nous préférons nous assurer de votre niveau.

Contactez-nous en remplissant le formulaire de contact !

Remember to take insurance for your child!
We recommend the
Assur'Glisse insurance.